Apps, IoT, BI & AI

Our web and mobile experiences optimize your operations.
Our IoT solutions create richer connections with the physical world.
With best in class BI, we give valuable insight into your data.
Intelligent automation powered by our AI augments your human resources.

Graphic Design & Animation

Graphic Design & Animation

Capture the attention of your target audience with our creative branding.
Spark social conversations with our engaging digital media.
Make your advertising dollars count with print media that makes sense.
Captivate your audience with engaging 2D-animation.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

Let our ideation help you create the next BIG thing.
Leverage the power of online engagement with our e-business strategies.
Go to market quickly with our Minimal Viable Product development.
Scale your operations and effectively manage your customers with advanced productivity tooling.

IT Education

IT Education

Understand the needs of your target audience.
Rapidly prototype viable solutions that meet the needs of your target.
Build minimal viable products and go-to-market in as early as one month.
We empower your IT resources with the tools to become greater assets.


Our Products

"We are the region's premier provisioner of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)"

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CritiComm is a mobile communication platform that allows organizations to send critical messages to their employees, customers or any other target group on-demand. CritiComm uses a global SMS network to wirelessly transmit critical messages from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

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The Employee Self-Service or ESS is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that enables your employees to apply for sick, casual and vacation leave via their mobile phone and workstation. ESS makes the leave application process easier and faster and eliminates the use of paper leave forms.

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Medial Advertising

Medial Advertising is a proximity advertising service that allows you to centrally create, manage, distribute, engage and analyze advertising content across drive-by, walk-by and walk-in traffic, within 200m to 400m of your storefronts. With just a few clicks you can create ad campaigns that distributes engaging content.

Affordable Rates

Our Resources

Our resources cover strategic, tactical and operational scope of works.


Consultation on the adoption of technology & visual communication.

Project Manager

Project management guided by MVP and SCRUM-based principles.

Technical Lead

Lead software engineer and graphic designer resources.


Software engineer and graphic designer resources

The brands that power the group

Our Companies

We are a dynamic and expanding group.

RANDELL LAMONT technologies

Apps, IoT, BI & AI Solutions


Graphic Design & Animation

START yesterday Entrepreneurship Development Company

Entrepreneurship Development

RANDELL LAMONT institute of technology

IT Education

Our network is our net worth

Our Partners

We work with extremely talented and passionate brands.

RedBox Illustrations

Graphic Design, Advertising & Management Consultancy

Kern Saunders

Graphic Design & Animation

Bridgemohan Technologies

Information Technology

Kendell Pierre

Financial Management

Fourteen (14) Years And Counting

Our Experience

Randell Lamont has over fourteen (14) years experience in the fields of software engineering, graphic design, animation, entrepreneurship development and education.
He has helped both public and private sector enterprises achieve higher levels of success.

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